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Flour Sack Blanks

Flour sack towels have been popular in professional and home kitchens for decades. And it’s no surprise – flour sack towel crafts are a fun and affordable way to personalize your home goods and décor. Now, with the Cotton Creations Design Station, you can create custom printed flour sacks perfect for business promotion or home décor! Our customizable flour sacks include bleached, natural and eco-friendly options in a range of sizes. Explore the design-your-own flour sack towel options at Cotton Creations, and find out why we’re bringing back these versatile, durable vintage linens perfect for a wide range of messy household tasks and flour sack crafts!


Everything You Need in a Personalized Kitchen Towel

When you choose personalized flour sacks from Cotton Creations, you not only get to design your own linens, but you also benefit from the quality of these pre-washed, all cotton, lint-free sacks. Your personalized flour sacks will absorb liquids quickly, yet dry fast. They’re terrific for polishing, wiping down, heavy duty cleaning and light dusting. With no lint to leave behind, everything you touch with your clean, absorbent dish towel will be sparkling and dust-free. Plain, undyed flour sacks are perfect for straining liquids, poaching, proofing and keeping produce fresh! Generation after generation, flour sack towels have been the unsung hero of professional and home cooks around the world. Flour sack towel crafts are also a creative way to take your crafting to the next level.

Custom Printed  ‘Design Your Own’ Flour Sack Towels

The Cotton Creations Design Station is proud to be your premier industry provider for personalized flour sacks. Whether you’d like to enhance your home or your business, our Design Station team can help you create distinctive, high quality unique pieces. We treat each order with careful attention to detail, and from the largest screen printing job to the design-your-own flour sack tea towel you want for your powder room, we can help.

Because both our bleached flour sacks and unbleached flour sacks are 100% cotton, you have a range of options. Smaller orders, detailed designs and items you need quickly are best suited for digital printing. Bulk orders of 100 units or more that are more color-dense are more economical when screen printed. However, in order to screen print a design, it has to have color separation. If you’re still unsure or would like to find out which customization process may work best for you, contact our team and ask!

Great for Cleaning, Cooking, Printing and More

Flour sack towels are the answer to a variety of cooking and crafting needs. From cleaning counters, straining gravy to tea towels, our preshrunk and environmentally-friendly flour sacks serve a range of purposes!

Another fantastic use for our towels are craft projects. From custom printing, stamping and appliqué – with flour sack towel crafts – the ideas are limitless. Flour sack crafts are perfect for parties, home décor, or even just a creative weekend afternoon with the kids. Not to mention, crafting and customizing can be very expensive. Flour sack towel crafts are an affordable way to get cute, creative and personal without breaking the bank.

At Cotton Creations, we are proud to bring you Quality, Interaction, and Value in every one of our products.