Natural Flour Sack Towels

Natural flour sack towels are a great way to keep your home, craft business or workshop running smoothly. As the leading supplier of discount flour sack towels, Cotton Creations provides natural flour sack towels at incredible prices to individuals and businesses. Household chores, embroidery projects, workshops — the uses for flour sack towels never end! That’s why Cotton Creations is proud to offer discount flour sack towels in bulk as well as in smaller quantities.

Unlike other bulk flour sack suppliers, ours are guaranteed 100 percent eco-friendly and incredibly economical.  Order Cotton Creations’ flour sacks in bulk and enjoy greater savings. Try them out today and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them tomorrow.

Key Features:
• 100% Cotton
• Eco-Friendly
• Natural Beige Color
• Fabric Weight: Medium

100% Eco-Friendly Flour Sacks

Cotton Creations sells eco-friendly flour sack towels because, not only are they ideal for our customers, they’re better for the environment. When you buy our flour sacks in bulk, you will get a great price and you can rest assured knowing they are safe for all uses. From the home-based embroidery business to commercial kitchens and messy workshops, our discount flour sacks get the job done right.

When you look inside a commercial kitchen, you’ll see chefs using flour sack towels for everything from straining broth to cleaning up. They’re incredibly useful, economical and safe for use when preparing food — that’s why Cotton Creations customers come back again and again for our versatile selection of flour sacks.

The Details

Our flour sacks are made from good-quality yarn. We wash and trim our flour sacks prior to shipping, so the actual sizes may vary slightly upon delivery. Pre-hem industry-spec size choices include 28 by 29 inches, 22 by 38 inches and 32 by 38 inches. Anticipate your delivery to be approximately one to two inches smaller than these dimensions.

In addition to a choice in size, customers also enjoy volume discounts on flour sack bulk orders. Prices range from $1.16 to $1.80 depending on the type and volume you order. Volume orders receive more than 30 percent off our already reasonable prices, so take advantage of our excellent pricing!

Service is Our Top Priority

Cotton Creations is committed to providing our commercial and private customers with an outstanding service experience. We strive to deliver quality products at reasonable prices, and your feedback helps us improve not only our products but your service experience as well.

Be sure to reach out to us and like us on Facebook. When it comes to low prices, great selection and quality, no one can compete with Cotton Creations!