Flour Sack Towels

Craft Basics Natural Flour Sack Towels

The value of simplicity meets the charm of rustic décor in our Craft Basics Natural flour sack towels. Cotton Creations offers the original Natural flour sack cloth, available in a wide range of sizes from handkerchief napkin to yardwork, utility towel. Enjoy the soft and absorbent construction of the 100% unbleached cotton fabric, even after lots of washes and use. We have recently moved the production of our flour sack towels in-house! That means the popular flour sack towels you love are now better and stronger than ever. The medium-weight Natural flour sack towels are extremely versatile for everyday life and much most cost-effective than disposable paper towels. Try the Craft Basics Natural today and experience the difference! There is no order minimum, so you can get a single sample or thousands in just a few clicks.


Wholesale Natural Flour Sack Towels

Our wholesale cotton flour sacks are the leading product in the industry for personalized kitchen towels and reliable dish cloths because we provide a consistently superb cotton linen. Alternative textures and customized linens are a modern craft and home décor sensation; upgrade your living or work space with this simple touch of design. The unbleached beige is a great rustic touch in your farmhouse kitchen and a homage to the vintage sacks used by homesteaders way back when.

Our flour sack towels are constructed from 100% cotton fabric material and are produced in America! We wash, preshrink, dry and iron your flour sack towels right in our facilities. Our team works hard and inspects your towels thoroughly to make sure the quality is consistent. These medium-weight towels come in a variety of sizes to be used as event décor or a handy tool in the garage. You will enjoy the soft, natural cotton fabric whether you use it for personal health care or working around the home. The towels are lint-free, leaving behind no scratches or fuzzy pieces.

These are also perfect for business branding, event swag, party favors, Summer camp crafts, wedding décor and so much more! The light beige is a wonderful blank canvas for custom printing; buy wholesale flour sacks and sell your country designs or print the Farmer’s Market season schedule to give to customers.  The tight weave and strong cotton that make up our time-tested medium-weight flour sack the towels allow the material to be smooth in texture, rather than thick and bulky, without losing any absorbency. They are flexible and hemmed on all four sides for support and durability. Customers will really enjoy the attention to detail. Contact us today to learn about bulk pricing and free shipping!

The Earth Friendly Choice

Craft Basics Natural flour sack dish towels are the key ingredient to a cleaner and more eco-conscious home or business model. Cotton is a naturally derived fabric that is made to withstand endless amounts of dirt, water and rough wear. These towels are super simple, made here in the US with only 100% cotton flour sack material. There is no added bleach or harmful chemicals used during washing, so they are food-safe and good for sensitive skin. Put great quality in, get great quality out! These towels are inspected during multiple stages of production to ensure sizing accuracy and a sleek finish.

Much like paper towels, you can use flour sacks for a myriad of tasks in and outside of the home. But unlike paper towels and paper napkins, these natural flour sack towels can be used over and over again without tearing or breaking down. That means you can stop spending money on paper towels every single week, and buy flour sack towels in wholesale. Budget-friendly and eco-friendly, the Craft Basics Natural flour sack towels are the best choice when going green.

Why choose reusable cotton towels? Why not! Flour sack towels help to save trees and eliminate paper waste by reducing the amount of paper products we use on a daily basis. Just one simple switch can make a huge impact. One towel can be used thousands of times! This will allow you to maximize cabinet space, increase cleaning efficiency and greatly reduce the amount of paper and disposable wipes you purchase and put in the trash. Keep a fresh stack of Craft Basics Natural napkins in your restroom or near the kitchen sink and see how easy it is to switch. When you need a paper towel, remember the Natural cotton option: Craft Basics flour sack towels!

Rustic Natural Flour Sack Towels

Our Natural flour sack towels are the ideal medium-weight cotton towel for eco-friendly work places, organic restaurants, green cleaning services, animal shelters, child care facilities and more. This highly adaptable towel is offered at wholesale at super low quantities, making it easier than anywhere else online or in-stores to stock up and save. If you encounter lots of messes or direct contact with skin or delicate surfaces, the lint-free unbleached cotton is the trusted and unfailing cloth to use. The natural flour sacks are a great alternative to disposable wipes and paper products; they are made to endure stretching, wringing, scrubbing and wiping without losing shape or becoming flimsy.

If you need towels for your business or service, but want to add your brand as an extra detail, we also offer highly detailed and super affordable custom printing. Wholesale markets and small households alike can enjoy bulk pricing and no minimum requirement or orders. When you work with Cotton Creations, you are getting an experienced team and high quality products that have been improved and perfected over many years.

The Natural flour sacks have a smooth texture and provide a crisp and clean look to your home, party or business whether you choose plain or custom printed towels. These cloths can accomplish just about any task, and they can do it more than once! Just like the natural flour sack towels from years and years ago, these towels are soft enough to use with personal care tasks yet sturdy enough to use for cleaning and cooking prep. Just a plain, natural flour sack folded on the counter or hanging with a personalized design gives a country-style feel of easy living and charm. Keep a stack of natural, medium-weight flour sack towels in your pantry or cabinet and replace that need for paper towels. You can even create your own “paper towel” roll using our flour sacks and applying velcro! Check out our Design Station for lots of natural flour sack towel ideas.

If you want to customize your flour sack towels to add an extra touch of personal style, you can head over to our Design Station and take advantage of our digital printing. You can add a picture, initials, song lyrics, a family recipe, anything you can think of! We print using water-based inks which absorb into the cotton towel for a soft and smooth feel. There are country themed designs pre-made for you, or you can upload your own artwork. Custom printing is offered at all price ranges! Custom natural flour sack towels are an inexpensive and thoughtful detail to add to a wedding table setting or to give as personalized favors. Get a handful, a few dozen or a couple hundred. Promote eco-friendly practices while upgrading the overall sophistication and appeal of your event with custom printed flour sacks!

Make sure you think of Cotton Creations flour sack towels for your next school or community project or function. We have tax-free orders, free shipping and lots of price breakdowns to help you stay under budget and well prepared! The Natural line of Craft Basics flour sack towels is the best towel choice for any indoor chore or outdoor adventure, and matches all kinds of rustic themes and vintage décor:

  • Farmhouse Decorations
  • Barn Weddings
  • Local Farmer’s Markets
  • Antique Stores
  • History Museums
  • Livestock Care Supplies
  • Girl and Boy Scout Crafts
  • Camping and Hiking Gear
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor Chores

You can use these towels simply for a modern decorative touch, or put to full functional use and use as a dining napkin or event souvenir. The natural flour sack towels work wonders with food service as they are breathable and produced without harsh chemicals. Buy natural flour sack towels wholesale for maximum savings, no matter if you are getting blank towels or a custom printed order.

Medium-weight flour sack material is so multi-functional because it is soft but strong, and absorbent but not thick, and does the job of many products in a single cloth. When you buy a dozen or more, you get a high-quality product for a lot less money than disposable products. A huge perk of ordering flour sacks from Cotton Creations is having access to very cost-effective pricing without needing to sign up for a special account… these prices aren’t available anywhere else!

Cotton Creations is Making Life Easier

These towels certainly do not lack in functionality! The goal of using Craft Basics Natural cotton flour sacks in your everyday life is to have comfort and cleanliness at your fingertips when and where you need it, without contributing to paper waste! We encourage you to keep a stack of cotton flour sack towels in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, car or business and find ways to replace your disposable paper products. Grabbing something hot? Letting dough rise? Wiping fingerprints off the fridge? Our natural flour sacks will be there to help! Not only will you save money on buying these items week after week, you will create less trash. It is as simple as throwing your used towels in the washer, and then you’re ready to get back to life.

Natural flour sack towels will be your go-to textile, with uses ranging from simple tasks like cleaning messes to important duties like caring for a loved one. The idea behind stocking up with flour sacks is that you have the security of knowing you have clean, cotton textiles whenever you need them. And with our in-house production and printing, you have the assurance of speedy turnaround times! So you never have to compromise on cleanliness, comfort, style or budget. Spend less time placing orders or visiting the stores!

Bulk Pricing Options

Order at least 50 natural flour sack towels of the same size and get 60% off standard pricing. Our wholesale pricing makes it accessible to everyone to buy in bulk and enjoy great value, without having to buy hundreds of towels. There is no minimum requirement, so you can easily buy single samples to try out. Rather than buy paper products from the store month after month, purchase natural cotton flour sack towels from Cotton Creations!