Five Times In College You Definitely Need That Awesome Party Shirt

Five Times In College You Definitely Need That Awesome Party Shirt

Homecoming. Finals week. Spring break. So many celebratory situations, so few party shirts with just the right message. Don’t be caught without the perfect party shirt, whether you’re partying at home or taking the celebration to the streets.

What’s the alternative to boring, off-the-rack shirts for university students? Personalized T-shirts for college students, of course.

Custom shirts make you stand out from the crowd. They show you have more than an average grade in academics. You excel in Humor 101 with extra credit in personality and creativity. T-shirts are standard gear for college students and take you from hours of class right into the evening when the real partying happens. Why wouldn’t you want to customize your college wear with your own personality?

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Getting the perfect tee is much less stressful than that midterm exam you have coming up. We’ll get you started with our top five times you definitely needed a rockin’ party shirt. There’s no need to worry if you already missed a party shirt opportunity this year. It’s never too early to start planning for next year.



homecoming college party shirt

Homecoming is a natural excuse to party all week in the name of school pride. It’s a tradition you won’t want to miss out on and one that calls for some custom work on your T-shirts. If you’re lucky, your professors will cut you some slack as homecoming approaches, so you have more time to plan your awesome custom party attire. Homecoming is one of the first big party opportunities of the college year, so you don’t want to miss the opportunity to show off your fashion creativity.

It’s normal to see all sorts of school T-shirts during homecoming week with both current and former students descending upon campus to celebrate. The book store T-shirts are fine for general school pride, but creating your own attire sets you apart. It shows your fellow students you know how to party, and it shows alumni their school is in good hands. You’re sure to get passersby asking you where you found your homecoming party gear, and you can take credit for the customization.

If you really want to show your school pride, stick to the college’s colors for the T-shirt background and design. Throw in your college’s logo or the name of your mascot for good measure. If you want to show you rule the homecoming celebration, add in a slogan such as “King of Homecoming Partying” or “Homecoming Queen (of Partying).” With such creativity, no one will even consider questioning the vote count for your title as ruler of homecoming festivities. However, you may want to avoid the actual homecoming court while displaying your self-proclaimed title.

Homecoming traditions specific to your college can also work for custom T-shirt design ideas. Our friends at South Dakota State University get crazy with Hobo Day, with swarms of students sporting Hobo T-shirts. Perhaps your school channels the University of Central Florida’s Spirit Splash. Whatever it is that makes your college’s homecoming celebration different, use it to inspire your custom homecoming T-shirt design.

You could also use the theme of this year’s homecoming celebration to make your homecoming shirts special. Someday when you have two kids, a white picket fence and a faithful pooch, you can look back at your custom homecoming shirt and remember all of the crazy partying you did in support of your football team. You’ll never forget the theme of each year thanks to your T-shirt — not that all that partying would give you reason to forget it.

Finals Week

You did it! You completed finals. Whether you passed or not — hey that’s what summer school is for, right? — finals week is definitely a time to party with all your fellow students who made it to the end of the semester. The streets are sure to be full of celebrating students. Get your friends together and create custom finals T-shirts to stand out from the crowd. Even if you didn’t ace that chemistry final, you’ll definitely ace the post-test celebrations.

Let all of your fellow finals week partiers know you made it with a shirt that says “Finals Week Survivor.” If you’d rather not talk about it, go with “Don’t Ask Me About Finals.” You’ll make your point without saying a word. Whatever you choose to say on your custom finals week T-shirt, it’s sure to show you are ready to party after a week of studying hard — or hardly studying, depending on your test-taking preferences.

St. Patrick’s Day


st patty's day college shirt

Sure, spring break is right around the corner, but St. Patrick’ Day is a serious party holiday, and one not to be taken lightly. You could go with a generic green shirt with an overused slogan, or you can rally the crew and design custom college T-shirts for the occasion. Reveal your true identity with a shirt that says “World’s Tallest Leprechaun.”

If you’re lucky enough to go to a school with a dedicated St. Patrick’s Day celebration, it’s only natural to work it into your custom T-shirts. Stand up, UMass Amherst. Your Blarney Blowout is just the type of event we’re talking about. Make your claim to fame with a shirt that says “I Blew it up at Blarney Blowout.” Kansas State boasts its T-shirt-worthy Fake Patty’s Day each year. Not to be outdone, Penn State celebrates the ever-so-clever State Patrick’s Day.

Does your college have its own punny take on St. Patrick’s Day? Plaster it all over T-shirts for all of your green-loving fellow college students. You’ll look like a green-wearing gang of leprechauns ready to drink in whatever March 17 has in store for you. Chances are, St. Patty’s Day just won’t be the same once you graduate, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to don an epic party shirt. That shirt will hold memories no amount of green beer can erase.

Spring Break


spring break college party shirt

You survived an entire semester and half of another. Don’t you dare skimp on spring break. You’ve earned it. The sand, the surf, the sun: It’s all right there on the horizon, and we want you to soak up every minute of it.

Don’t pack your spring break bags without your customized party shirts. With a custom shirt, you’ll make a splash poolside, at the hottest dance clubs or on all those cultural excursions you promised your mom you would take. Your secret is safe with us. We won’t tell her you Photoshopped yourself in front of the Mayan Ruins.

All that fun, sun and culture costs money. Why not embrace the money drain with a shirt that says “Welcome to Spring Broke!” You could also go with an alternative “I Went Spring Broke.” You’ll likely get plenty of high-fives from your fellow spring break partiers who are also staring into empty wallets at the end of the week.

If money is no concern, go with a more general advertisement of your plans for fun with a T-shirt that says “Day of Sun, Night of Fun.” This shirt option shows everyone around that you know how to party no matter the time. You may even become the impromptu party planner for everyone who catches a glimpse of your cleverly worded custom shirt. Don’t be surprised if everyone follows you to your next fun-filled activity to see how a master partier does it.

Have you been working hard on those muscles in preparation for spring break, or do you want to make light of the fact you’ve been avoiding the weight room at all costs? Go with the classic “Sun’s Out, Guns Out.” Don’t forget to add arrows pointing to your biceps, so there’s no confusion as to what gun show you’re promoting. Print this on a tank if you really want to show off those arm muscles.

Outfit everyone in your spring break party with matching T-shirts, and you definitely won’t go unnoticed by your fellow revelers. Spring break is all about creating memories with your friends, and T-shirts can help you do just that. As an added bonus, it’s easy to find your crew — or to find that one friend who always wanders off — when you sport matching gear. Simply send out a search party looking for any stragglers wearing the same shirt as you, and everyone will be reunited in no time.

Design a different custom spring break shirt for each day of your trip. You’ll never have to worry about wardrobe decisions, and you’ll always be in style with your sense of humor displayed on your shirt.

Your College Making the Top Party School List


top college party school shirt

Congratulations, you did it! You partied hard all year long, and it paid off. Your school ranked as one of the top party schools in the whole country. We’re looking at you, University of Iowa, and we can’t forget your neighbors at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin. While it seems like the Midwest has the market cornered on best party schools, we’ve also heard good things about the party scene at the University of Georgia, University of Colorado, West Virginia University and Tulane University. Really, any college is a party college, right?

No matter where your school ranked on the list, what better way to celebrate than with customized college shirts displaying your claim to fame? If your college doesn’t make any of the official best party school lists, you can always declare it the best party school in your own hearts. There’s a custom shirt for that, too. Most college students are partying too much to even read those lists, so your peers won’t likely question your claims of making the top party school list.

Claiming a spot on the top party school list is an accomplishment, so don’t be shy about sharing it. Let your shirt do the talking with a saying like, “My School Parties Harder Than Your School.” If you want to go the inclusive route, invite comrades from other schools to learn your partying ways with a T-shirt that says, “Party Like a (Fill in Your Mascot Here).” Either way, your shirt lets everyone around you know you’re ready to help your school keep its spot on the list.

It’s Time to Party With Custom Shirts

Still not convinced custom shirts are the way to go? Let’s review the top reasons to go custom with your T-shirt apparel:

  • It’s the ultimate form of self-expression: It’s tough to find an off-the-rack shirt that accurately captures your true personality. Not everyone is as witty as you. Whether you prefer sarcasm, dry humor or flat-out stupid absurdity, you can put it all on your T-shirt like no one else. It’s time to let the world see your humorous side.
  • Custom shirts capture a memory: You can add special dates, themes or other important details about your favorite college partying occasion. Think of it as a wearable scrapbook. By wearing it you’ll instantly be transported back to those special memories — and perhaps a few memories that will only be funny in hindsight. Either way, your shirt becomes a time capsule allowing you to relive your college days even once you’ve moved on to the corner office and all of the adult responsibilities that come with it. Your partner may not let you display it on the living room wall, but you’ll always have your keepsake shirt tucked away in your dresser drawer.
  • Build a sense of team: There’s a sense of unity when a group wears the same T-shirt. Whether it’s your fraternity or sorority, the school band, your intramural sports team or just a group of friends with a common interest, personalized T-shirts for the whole group generate a sense of belonging and pride. This can help generate excitement, especially on special party occasions.
  • Draw attention: Who doesn’t like to be the center of attention? You can get all the attention you want with a group of your friends all sporting matching tees. If your T-shirts are promoting a campus group you’re involved in, the shirts double as advertising. You might just gain a few new members or a few new fans as you enjoy an epic night of partying.
  • Show your pride: College is all about creating memories and friends. Showing off your school pride is a great way to do just that. By incorporating your college logo, name or mascot, you build that sense of pride with your group and all those who see you.
  • Never get lost: Well, we can’t guarantee you won’t get separated from the group, but you can describe the rest of your group much better when all you have to do is point to your T-shirt. If enough of you have the same shirt on, you’re likely to eventually reconnect with your long-lost party comrades.

Is your mind just brimming with custom T-shirt order ideas? Here at Towels & Home, we’ve got just what you need when you’re ready to order your custom college tees. We offer quick custom shirts with no minimum order, so you can buy for your entire fraternity or celebrate with a tee for one. We always recommend going with the group. Partying is so much more fun when your whole c shows up in custom shirts.


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