Ways to Personalize Your Toddler’s Clothing

Ways to Personalize Your Toddler’s Clothing


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Your toddler has a personality all their own. And they are likely at that age when they’re ready to express themselves through clothing and accessories featuring their favorite colors or bedazzled with fun baubles. Since every child is unique, he or she should have clothing that reflects that. Here are a few ideas to personalize the contents of your tot’s closet, so they’re excited to get ready each morning and show off what makes them special!

Monogrammed Like Mom

If you fancy yourself to be a Southern Belle, chances are you’re all about monograms. Is your mini-me following in your footsteps? Now you can deck her out in her own monogrammed wardrobe. From simple embroidered initials on a tiny long-sleeved shirt to an intricate custom design on a tot-sized T-shirt, the options are endless! Other fun options include clip art animals that share their initials — zebras for Zoe, monkeys for Madi or cats for Camden.

Wearable Artwork

Miniature Picassos will fill every square inch of your fridge with their crayon creations. When your child is particularly proud of their artwork, you might want to preserve it with a more permanent keepsake. Our Design Station allows you to upload a scanned image, so their latest creation can be placed on a cap, tote bag or even an apron!

Vacation Ready

When a very special vacation to the most magical place on Earth is in your family’s future, you might be in the market for a Disney-friendly wardrobe. Etsy offers a variety of digital downloads that you can customize and print on iron-on transfer paper. Deck out T-shirts to get them through the entire week and make packing a breeze!

To Dye For

A great warm-weather activity for the whole family is creating a tie-dye shirt. You can follow these easy directions to help your child create a colorful creation all their own on a basic white T-shirt.

With a little creativity and a lot of imagination, you can help your child stand out from the crowd with a wardrobe that’s as unique as they are!


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