Making Getting Dressed for the Day Fun for Your Toddler

Making Getting Dressed for the Day Fun for Your Toddler


making getting dressed for the day

Do you feel as if you’re wrestling an octopus in the morning trying to get a shirt, pants and socks on your toddler? Getting ready for the day with a young child often ends in tears — for both them and Mom.

But there’s an easier way! If you make getting dressed fun for your tot, it will be less of a fight and easier to get out the door. Follow these tried-and-true tips for streamlining your morning routine.

Race Against the Clock

What’s more fun for a toddler than a competition? Turn getting dressed in the morning into a race against the clock by setting a kitchen timer or an alarm on your phone. Can your child find all the pieces to their outfit in time? Reward a job well done with stickers or an extra story at bedtime.

Turn up the Heat

Everyone loves a fluffy warm towel from the dryer when they get out of the shower. But your toddler might also appreciate toasty warm clothes in the wintertime. Toss their pants, shirt, socks and even underpants in the dryer for a quick fluff to coax them into getting dressed for the day.

Organize Their Options

One of the easiest ways to get toddlers dressed and out the door is to allow them to do it themselves. You can restrict the options for little Miss Independent by limiting her clothing color palette and organizing her dresser drawers. Put pants in one drawer, shirts in one and socks in another. Tell her she can pick one item from each drawer. She’ll be proud of herself, and you’ll be out the door in record time — hopefully with a presentable toddler.

Update Their Wardrobe

If your little fashionista is getting picky about what she’s wearing, it might be time for a wardrobe update. You can mix in new customized pieces with big sister’s hand-me-downs and allow your youngster to show off her own personality. Buy plain toddler-sized T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and polo shirts. Add embroidery, appliques, iron-on transfers or custom designs that your child helps choose and will be excited to wear.

Embrace Their Individuality

Sometimes your toddler is going to want to wear their superhero cape or tutu. Decide if having them change is worth the argument. Does it matter if your kid goes to the grocery store in his pajamas? If you can guarantee one less toddler-sized meltdown for the day, it might be worth letting them win this battle.

You’ve got this, Mom! Good luck taming the morning madness with your tot.


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