Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Specials — Why Pets Make the Best Valentines

Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Specials — Why Pets Make the Best Valentines


adopt for valentine's day

‘Tis the season of unconditional love. And what better love than that of a pet? There’s a reason variations of the quote “I hope to one day be the person my dog thinks I am” frequently makes its rounds on the Internet. Pets love you even at your worst. Whether or not you have a special someone to shower you with affection on February 14, you might be finding yourself in need of a furry friend to do the same.

Why Get a Pet?

Pets make great valentines — and companions all year long. They’re incredibly loyal. They’re genuinely happy. They’re easily amused with a simple game of fetch or a red dot from a laser pointer on the living room floor. They’re great snugglers, and they might even let you be the little spoon from time to time.

Really, a pet is sounding better than some actual Valentine’s Day dates right now. For those who find themselves getting a little down because of the colder weather, the post-holiday lull or the lack of dating prospects, it might be the perfect time to bring home a new family member. Adopting a pet has a positive impact on their life, of course, but it might benefit your life even more.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adoption centers around the country often run promotions around the holidays, such as Cincinnati’s My Furry Valentine adoption event. Paying $35 for that furry friend instead of the usual $75, for example, is extra money that can go toward your first pet store shopping spree.

While a pet price cut might make purchasing an animal more obtainable, don’t overextend yourself to bring home a dog or cat. Owning a pet can be a big financial commitment. In fact, pet owners can expect to spend about $1,000 the first year they have a dog or a cat. That’s a lot of kibble! If you’re not able to commit to that expense, you can surround yourself with furry friends in other ways, such as volunteering at your local shelter.

Pamper Your Pet

If you can adopt, you will undoubtedly want to pamper your new pooch. You’ll want them to feel welcome in your home, so you’ll surround them with new toys and be heavy-handed with the treat bag. You might also want to help your dog get acclimated to his new life — and maybe a new name. He can easily introduce himself to friends and family with a custom colorful bandana embroidered with his updated moniker. And you can keep a good thing going with other personalized pet merchandise including dog beds, leashes and sweatshirts.

No matter what toys they have or swag they’re sporting, your new pet will just be happy to be your furry valentine. Best of luck with your newest addition!



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