How to Design Your Own Custom Baby Clothes

How to Design Your Own Custom Baby Clothes

“Custom baby clothes”-it sounds awesome, doesn’t it? That is, awesome until you realize the “custom” part means you have to come up with a design. For some, this part comes easy, but for others it takes a little bit more to get those creative juices flowing. If you’re one of those people, then let this post serve as the gas to your creative engine.
Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re probably familiar with our Design Store. If you’re not familiar, to put it simply, this is the part of T&H “where the ideas become reality”. In our Design Store, we offer a plethora of options and tools for you to design your own baby bib, onesie, or even blanket! Although we provide the “stuff”, knowing how to put it all together to create the perfect addition to baby’s wardrobe can be a challenge. So without further ado, let’s dive right into my tips and tricks for how to design your own baby clothes:

1. What’s the occasion?
One of the first things to ask yourself before you start designing, is what is the reason you’re creating your munchkin’s outfit or accessory? Is it a “just because” gift for your favorite little one? A


birthday gift? A “congratulations” surprise? The reasons could be endless, so taking into consideration your specific cause for customization can be super helpful in creating the perfect design!
For example, you’re probably not going to be creating a Santa t-shirt for baby to wear around the Fourth of July. You also might want to stay away from beach-themed clipart in the middle of December, or birthday cake artwork when it’s not their birthday. See where I’m going with this? Understanding the gift-giving occasion is key in learning how to design your own baby onesies, tees and accessories!
So let’s try to get the wheels turning for some of the more common occasions, shall we? Let’s start with birthdays. Some pretty common concepts for the birthday theme would be birthday cake clipart, colorful balloons, bright colored fabric and text, maybe some ribbons or bows, or a large number, using a funky font, indicating how old the birthday girl or boy is!
Maybe it’s not a birthday you’re creating this gift for, but a “congratulations” gift instead! Did baby just learn how to walk? Consider adding an image of a racecar with a silly quote such as “Fast and Furious” to go with it! Or maybe they graduated from preschool and you want to proclaim “Harvard Here I Come” on the front. Once you take a second to really think about the occasion you’re celebrating, the ideas will start piling up quicker than you think!

2. Who is it for?
Once you’ve set the wheels in motion after thinking about the reason behind your custom baby apparel project, considering who it’s for is the next step! I guess you could say this is the “know your audience” aspect of coming up with the right design. What I mean by that, is it can be useful to take into consideration the baby’s unique personality. Are they always busy, constantly on the move to discover their next adventure? Maybe they’re super “girly”, or have a fascination with outer space. Thinking of these little details that make your kiddo who they are, is another tool to creating


that ideal design! Something as simple as adding our princess crown clipart, combined with a more script-like font, can give a basic design the right amount of “girlish” flare. Create your design on a royal blue onesie, or sky blue t-shirt, in order to create the perfect outer space backdrop, and use our upload tool to add on a picture of a spaceship. To fit that busy personality, stick to bright and vibrant colors to symbolize how vivacious your little one is! When you bring your visions to life in our Design Store, you’ll have the ability to instantly see if the design you’re creating is right for your special little boy or girl.
If your baby is still pretty new to this world, understanding their personality might be a little challenging. If that’s the case, think about what mom or dad would like! If they have a sense of humor, write a funny quote that they would appreciate, either pertaining to their jobs, their hobbies, or their favorite movie even! Take the pink shirt on the left (“I’m my parents’ favorite tax credit!”), for example. This shirt was made for a precious little girl, with a set of accountants for parents. Knowing their sense of humor, along with their jobs, made this shirt an instant birthday hit, and ended up being a gift they’ll never forget.
If that’s not your style, consider sharing an innocent inside joke that you can incorporate into your design for baby’s clothing, that will also bring instant smiles to the room upon opening. Whatever you decide, knowing your audience will drastically help to guide you in the right direction.

3. Don’t think so hard! baby onsies
If you can’t come up with the most innovative design, sticking to something simple can lead to something just as wonderful! If you feel like your brain is on the verge of a breakdown from trying to come up with a never-before-seen work of art, take a step back, and stop thinking so hard! Some of the best custom clothing creations, are the simplest ones.
For example, a monogrammed onesie can serve as a classic design and create a piece of personalized baby apparel that will be worn over and over again! Another option, is to decorate the product using a specific icon or piece of clipart that you think truly speaks to that baby’s personality or character. For some babies, they possess a name that has a specific meaning behind it already. If this is the case for the baby in your life, consider uploading artwork to symbolize this meaning, or add text that describes the meaning of the name itself! One way to do this, could be in dictionary form! If the name of your little one doesn’t have it’s own “definition” already, make one up as another simple, yet eye-catching option. The bottom line to keep in mind, is that designs do not have to be full of intricate details in order to be special.

4. Ask us for help!
If you’re feeling like you’re at a loss for how you should design your own baby outfit, there’s one last simple solution; ask for help! Our team consists of many creative minds, derived from such diverse personalities, that there is bound to be someone whom you will instantly connect with that can help to develop your vision. Are you trying to come up with something funny and witty? I know a guy. Looking for something girly? We have plenty of fashionistas on board to guide you in the right direction! I know I speak for every member of the T&H team when I say, that we love every opportunity we can get to assist with our customers’ projects.

Think you’re ready to start designing? Head on over to our baby page and get started!


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