Flour Sack Towels: The Perfect Canvas for Doodling

Flour Sack Towels: The Perfect Canvas for Doodling


There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a child’s imagination at work. Even from the youngest ages, it’s evident to me that a little one’s wheels are turning far more creatively than mine. Believe it or not, a Magic Marker masterpiece on the freshly painted living room wall, is even a sure sign of a creative genius. That’s what I like to explain to my mom at least, whenever she brings up a similar incident that occurred during my terrible-two’s.  Even dragging their tiny fingers around a sandbox to make a design, is a way to put their imagination on display. While there are countless ways for a child to express their creativity, doodling on a flour sack towel is bound to be something they haven’t yet gotten their hands on.

This post, inspired by Ebabee Like’s “Mealtime Doodling Fun”, requires nothing but your child’s imagination, and our renowned flour sack towels. Since these towels are 100% cotton, they provide a cozy, cotton canvas for your child’s next masterpiece. Read on to see all of the ways you can incorporate these unique linens into arts and crafts time.

You Decide What They Doodle:doodle place mat

I love the project discussed in Ebabee’s post mentioned above, which is why I thought taking it one step further would make it even greater! No matter what age your child is, you can have a lot of fun with encouraging them to do a daily doodle. Not only will it be fun for your child, but it can be entertaining for you, too! My mom will be the first to admit that my “family portraits” from ages 3-7 were her favorites. This was not only because these drawings became a keepsake, but because the perception I had of what my family looked like, and how I conveyed that on paper, was absolutely hilarious. Which reminds me! These doodles can not only serve as a fun exercise for you to do with your child, but they will be keepsakes you’ll hold onto forever, and have a blast showing them ten years down the road!

In order to use our flour sack towels similarly to the Ebabee project, you can create multiple towels with different doodle suggestions, using our Design Station! When you use our Design Store, you can create multiple flour sack towels in only a matter of minutes, all with different daily doodle topics! Choose from a plethora of fonts and colors, to give the towel some extra pizzazz. If you would like to edit the placement of your text, or have any other special requests just let us know! We would be happy to discuss what your options are, in order to make this as enjoyable as possible for both you and the little one!

Buy Them Blank and Fingerpaint:

As a kid, one of my favorite parts of any kind of arts and craft project, was the mess it made. The bigger the mess, the more successful that project seemed to be. It’s because of this philosophy, that fingerpainting was by far my preferred art method of choice growing up. Although our flour sack towels aren’t quite as smooth as paper (or a wall), they can provide the most unique background for any fingerpainting frenzy. Something that paper certainly can’t do, is absorb the paint like our flour sack towels can! Another perk to using this linen as a canvas, is that when your kiddo fingerpaints on a flour sack towel, it can also be displayed a lot more creatively than paper can! From cutting out the fingerpainted portion and putting it in a frame, to hanging it in your child’s bedroom to give their room their own personal touch, there are a number of excellent possibilities! Although the same is true with paper, our towels come in a variety of sizes; from 13” x 13” all the way to 32″ x 38″, so there is bound to be the perfect size to fit your mini-Picasso’s vision.

Transfer Existing Doodles to Flour Sack Towels:doodle-towels

If your son or daughter has already created a doodle that you’ve already started to cherish, it’s not too late to preserve it on a flour sack towel! The sad truth is that time causes wear and tear to artwork on paper, but when you transfer the design onto a flour sack towel, it will stay perfectly preserved as if it was doodled yesterday! This process might sound a lot harder than it actually is, and it might be, if it weren’t for our nifty Design Store features! It’s simple; just scan the artwork to your computer, upload it to our Design Store in a high resolution image, and send it on through! We love when customers send us designs that their youngsters have created, and request to print them on our flour sack towels! From Sharpie sketches to paintings, we have had numerous works of art printed on our towels, so that parents can proudly display these creations without the worry of it fading! We have a variety of towels, with our Natural flour sack towel even being an off-white color, perfect for giving any doodle a vintage feel! If you’re not sure what towel would look best for your particular design, our Design Team would love to help you out! Before you know it, you’ll have the most special piece of home decor right at your door. Whether you turn the towel into a placemat for dinner, an extra special dish towel, a bib, or even a wall-hanging- the possibilities are endless! However you decide to display their doodle, it’s sure to hold a special place in your heart for years to come.




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