Five Reasons to Adopt, Not Shop

Five Reasons to Adopt, Not Shop


I have these two friends in my life, whom I think you’ll agree are pretty special, and are worth talking about. Both of them are originally from Kentucky, and both spent the first part of their lives homeless. Eventually, they found their way to Illinois, with what little family they had. At this point in their lives, there was a lot of confusion, a lot of fear, and little hope that they would ever know a life where these feelings of despair didn’t exist. Fortunately for my friends, they soon were given the life they always deserved.

They now go to sleep every night in a warm bed, with bellies full of food. They spend parts of their days enjoying the great outdoors, but always have a house that they come back to. They both have found an unconditional love that they’ll never have to live a day without. My friends’ names are Zoey and Bailey, and they are my rescue dogs.

Here are five reasons you should adopt, not shop, and find your special friends like me:

1. When you adopt a pet, you save multiple lives

Not only is it an amazing feeling to be saving the life of the pet you are bringing into your family, but you can also take pride in yourself, knowing that you have now made room for another pet to be saved. If shelters could, they would save every dog in need of saving, but the unfortunate truth is, that they just don’t have the means to do so. When you adopt a pet, you create an opening in the shelter, which gives them the ability to bring in another animal, and give that animal their chance at finding a loving family like yours.

Adopting a shelter pet can also save another life-yours. Once a rescue pet comes into your life, you really do see life in a new perspective. These are animals that have been through an unimaginable kind of hell, yet here they are, loving the life they now live to the fullest, able to forgive and forget the past since it all brought them here to you. Trust me when I say, life is a lot more fun now that I have adopted the Zoey and Bailey outlook on life.

2. Adopting a pet is more cost effective than buying one from a store

When you adopt a shelter pet, the only payment that is required to take your pet home with you, is a small adoption fee. Unlike when you buy a pet from a store, the fee you pay to a shelter, almost always is used to cover health essentials for your pet. From microchipping, to spaying or neutering, and administering all the age appropriate vaccinations, your pet will be going home with you, happy and healthy, thanks to the small adoption fee you pay.

3. When you adopt, you’ll always have the shelter available to lend a helping hand

After you purchase a pet from a pet store, they are rarely available to help facilitate a smooth transition of your new family member into your home. Shelters on the other hand, are always eager to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your new pet. It’s very rare that a shelter will give one of their pets to just anybody. Since shelters invest so much time into finding the perfect families for their animals, they are always happy to help you in any way that they can in order to ensure your pet is living the life they wanted for them in the first place. Whether it means they assist you in finding the right veterinarian, or simply give you training tips best suited for your pet, your shelter will always be an excellent resource for you and your furry friend.

4. You’re helping to encourage others to adopt, instead of supporting puppy mills

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a negative stigma associated with adopting a shelter pet. People might assume that their pet will come with a bad attitude, maybe they think it’s too much work to adopt a pet with “baggage”, or that they won’t be able to find the type of dog they’re looking for. With so many false perceptions of what it means to adopt a shelter pet, you can help minimize these naysayers by showing them how wonderful your rescue pet is! If more people became informed on how incredible rescue pets actually are, less people will buy from pet stores and in turn, this world will be one step closer to putting an end to puppy mills.

5. You’re giving an animal the life they’ve always wanted

Out of all of the countless reasons there are to choose to adopt a shelter pet, the number one reason is that you are giving this pet a life they had always wanted, but didn’t know was possible until you came along. You are now your pet’s person. You are the one that’s going to receive all of the unconditional love that this pet has been waiting to give to someone. You are the one that this pet will revolve their entire world around. You are the one that will change this pet’s life. Witnessing the moment that your pet realizes that you have saved their life, will leave you with the most priceless feeling. Your shelter pet sees you as their hero, their best friend, and the one being on this planet that they can’t live without. Isn’t it funny how you see them the same way?

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