Unique Uses for Flour Sack Towels for a Wedding

Unique Uses for Flour Sack Towels for a Wedding


It seems that there is a direct correlation between the proximity to summer, and the number of wedding invitations and Save-the-Dates there are on my refrigerator. Being in two weddings, and attending a third, many of my weekends the next coming months, are going to be filled with wedding-related activities. Some might think this is a pain, but I can’t get enough of this action-packed season of love. It is because of this tendency of mine to get a little overly excited about other couples’ weddings, that my mind is constantly conjuring up creative ways to add some unique personal touches to these fairy tale celebrations. Considering the fact that I am surrounded by flour sack towels on a daily basis, these suggestions are naturally all about how this crafty sensation can be incorporated into a Bride and Grooms special day! Here are Unique Uses for Flour Sack Towels for a Wedding:

unique-save-the-date1. Save-the-Dates

Sending out your Save-the-Dates is the first taste your guests will be getting of your wedding. By sending them a custom printed flour sack towel, with all of the necessary save-the-date information included, you are going to be giving your guests quite the surprise! While most expect the traditional card to hang on the fridge, you can send them a unique linen that can be hung in the kitchen, or slung over a chair. Traditional save-the-dates might get thrown away, but a flour sack towel version will be saved forever.

2. Gifts for the Bridesmaids or Groomsmen

Saying “thank you” to your bridal party on your special day, can mean so much to those involved. The way you show your appreciation for their participation, doesn’t have to break the bank, as long as it has thought put into it! One thoughtful gift suggestion, would be to personalize a flour sack towel with a sweet, individualized message on it for each of the members of your bridal party to read before your big day begins! By printing your message on a flour sack towel, it provides an extra special touch to a letter that paper simply can’t provide.

3. Wedding Programs

In the last few years, I have started to see some really creative and fun wedding programs being passed out at friends and family’s weddings. Between word searches containing words of sentimental value to the couple, or goofy poems describing how the couple met, the wedding program can really start the day off on a fun note! Instead of using standard paper brochures, why not have it all laid out on a flour sack towel? Although it might not be the best canvas for a word search, it can be a creative way to let your guests know the itinerary for the ceremony and the reception! Print some goofy pictures on the towel, or get creative with how you display the schedule of events! Not only will it be a unique way to start the wedding, but it won’t be something for your guests to just throw away at the end of the evening either!

wedding-flour-sack-wall-hanging4. Wall Hangings

One of my personal favorite parts of weddings, is seeing the decorations that the bride and groom decide to display for their big day! The decorations that are chosen for a wedding, can really allow your guests to get a closer look inside the relationship that they are there to celebrate. A very popular way to decorate, is by displaying pictures in one way or another of the happy couple! Instead of displaying all of your pictures in frames, why not print a few that are especially significant to the two of you, and print it on a flour sack towel to hang somewhere around the event? If that’s not something that will fit with your special vision, maybe you can find a place for a flour sack towel to be displayed, that simply lists the “story” of your relationship, or even just a sweet quote to help people feel the love before starting your celebration. Once the wedding is over, there are plenty of cute ways to incorporate this decoration inside your home, to serve as a constant reminder of how wonderful your day was.

5. Dinner Napkins

Another one of my favorite parts of weddings…the food! Of course, if there is going to be food at a wedding, there generally needs to be some form of napkin as well. Maybe napkins aren’t an area some want to devote much attention to, but for those that do, using a custom embroidered flour sack towel could be a perfect option! Not only can you provide your guests with an un-traditional table accessory, but they are just as effective as any regular napkin you might otherwise use! When your guests sit down for dinner, they won’t only be oohing and ahhing over your centerpiece, but their napkins too!

6. Towels for the Dance Floor 

Let’s be real, once the dinner plates are taken away, people are itching to get on the dance floor. Once one person takes the initiative to get the party started, it seems the whole group follows. I’ve witnessed firsthand how intense wedding dancing can get…especially in my family. Between dance offs, some serious electric sliding, and even a few failed break dancing attempts, the dancing portion of weddings can be more like a workout session. As with most great workouts, a nice towel to be readily available to wipe your brow with is a must! Have a stack of flour sack towels near the dance floor for your guests to use in between dancing! Print funny sayings on them, words of encouragement for the Limbo, or something simple that fits with your wedding theme! Your guests will appreciate this wedding accessory just as much as you will!


7. Wedding Favors to Send Home

Just because the night ends, doesn’t mean the memory of the day has to. Give your guests something extra special as a part of their wedding favors, and send them home with a personalized flour sack towel! Whether you want to embroider a simple “Thanks for coming!”, print an entire thank you spiel, or just a simple design for them to associate the day with, your guests will be smiling about this evening every time they come across the towel in their home.


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