Spring Ensembles for Baby

Spring Ensembles for Baby



The temperature is officially in the double digits. Do you know what that means? It means spring is here! Like so many parts of the country, you could find me cruising with the windows down this past week, because it was a toasty 45 degrees. That’s how you know you’ve just survived a Chicago winter.

So now that winter is (dare I say it) behind us, it’s time to get ready for spring! The arrival of spring means many things, including the need to find another excuse for not going to the gym besides it’s “too cold outside”.  It also means that we can put away the big, bulky sweaters and marshmallow jackets, and dust off the tees and tanks from last year! It might be easy to transition our own wardrobes into spring mode, but what about baby’s? If it’s your little one’s first spring, you might have some stocking up to do on warmer weather gear! If that is the case, look no further than T&H, as we have a number of ideas to help spring your baby’s wardrobe into spring!


1. A Bib as Green as the Springtime Trees


When you personalize an organic baby bib for your favorite foodie, every color you pick is just as green as the other! I don’t mean in a visual aspect, I mean that it’s made of 100% Certified Organic

Cotton, and completely eco-friendly. Not only should your baby be transitioning their shirts and onesies into spring-mode, but their bibs too! Even though bibs are a must all year round, they can definitely be considered part of the wardrobe! Using our Design Store to turn a plain bib into a regular Spring masterpiece is a total breeze. Upload your own spring design, or use our store to mix and match until you think it’s just right! Although all of our bibs are great for personalizing, the unique pastel colors offered in our organic line, truly seal the deal for making this an essential spring accessory.

2. The Fun, Flowy Tutu Onesie

What better way to dress baby girl up than in a tutu onesie, designed specifically to show off her spring style? If your child is anything like I was, you couldn’t put me in a dress if your life depended on it, even as an infant. When you dress your baby in a personalized tutu onesie, you’re providing your baby with the comfort of a traditional onesie, while giving off the appearance of getting “dressed up”. Whether it’s a family barbecue, or a night out at a nice restaurant, when you personalize a tutu onesie for your little one, they gain some serious spring style points.

pink-infant-onesie3. It’s Short-Sleeve Onesie Season

There seems to be a direct correlation in that the warmer the weather gets, the shorter the sleeves go! When it’s time to put away the long sleeve thermals and wintertime onesies, your baby will love feeling the fresh air on their skin in a short-sleeve onesie, designed by you! Nobody knows your baby better, so nobody will create a better springtime design for your baby to sport! Whether you want to come up with your own silly, spring saying, or create a design full of flowers, we can make it happen. Just like  the bibs, when you choose from our organic options for the short-sleeve onesies, you’ll not only be dressing your baby in 100% certified organic cotton, but you’ll be designing on spring-friendly colors!

4. Infant Cap

Spring is not only my favorite season because of the weather, it’s my favorite season because of the sport that accompanies it! That’s right, I’m talking about baseball season. If you’re anything like my parents were, you’re probably already thinking about all of the games you’re going to bring your baby to, since you want to instill the love for your favorite team as young as possible. Create a personalized infant cap, to specifically show the love for your favorite team, or do something as simple as using our baseball clipart and the date of your mini-fan’s first game! Serving as both a keepsake and an accessory, you really won’t want to miss out on adding this accessory to the daily list of wardrobe choices!

baby-flower-headband5. Flowers Blooming Everywhere-Even Baby’s Headband!

Dressing that beautiful bald head in a headband, is truly adorable all year round, but even more perfect with spring! As the flowers are starting to bloom in your yard, you can enjoy their beauty instantly, with a blossomed (fake) flower on your baby’s headband! If you haven’t tried to make one of these headbands before, this tutorial from Create and Babble does a great job walking you through it! Once you’re done and realize how simple it was to create such an adorable accessory, you’ll be making them by the dozens!

6. DIY Barefoot Baby Sandals 

Maybe your little one is still too little to slide into sandals, but that’s when this DIY Barefoot sandal comes in handy! At first glance, you might be thinking that there’s no way something this cute, can be that easy. Well, you’re wrong! Over the Big Moon breaks it down so simply, that there’s no way you can mess it up! Since the materials required are so little, and so inexpensive, you can create an abundance of sandals to match any springtime outfit hanging in your baby’s closet! Just like anything else listed above, these sandals are made to be one-of-a-kind, just like your baby!




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