National Love Your Pet Day-A Tribute to My Favorite Furballs

National Love Your Pet Day-A Tribute to My Favorite Furballs


To some, they might see “National Love Your Pet Day” as a day to hug your pup a little extra, maybe toss them an extra table scrap or two, but in my household, we call that “Tuesday”. Although every day, in my opinion, is “Love Your Pet Day”, I figured since this day is acknowledged as a special occasion, that I should acknowledge the love I have for my dogs in a special way. Although my list is endless for the reasons I love these two girls, here are some that I feel many dog owners can relate to. So, without further ado, I give you: National Love Your Pet Day-A Tribute to My Favorite Furballs (AKA Zoey and Bailey).

1. There is nothing better than being greeted at the door with so much enthusiasm, that you would think I had been gone for months. It’s like relax, girls, I just went to get the mail.

10520917_10203186908610697_4936918463204206458_n2. It’s a great feeling seeing how much Zoey loves to be a big sister to our new addition, Bailey. It’s a truly heartwarming experience…

3. I love that they want to be so close to me, that they choose to lay on me, instead of next to me. Despite the fact that they may or may not cut off the circulation in my legs or arms, or make it significantly harder to breathe by laying on my chest, they’re so stinkin’ cute, that it makes it totally okay.


4.  The fact that they think hiding in the corner of the room, putting themselves in their crate, and finally, stretching their legs out, stick-straight, seconds before I plop them in the water, is going to save them from the torture that is bath time. It’s equally as hilarious and adorable, every single time.

5. When I’m sleeping in on a Saturday, they never fail to wake me up with the sun via a slobbery kiss or a step on the gut, because who sleeps in on weekends? Without these girls, I would lose a whole two hours out of my Saturday! They’re always looking out for me, and that’s true love.

6. If I do not get the above mentioned greeting described in #1, I know that they did something wrong, and are in the process of disciplining themselves so I don’t even have to. For example, when I came home the other day and did not find Zoey at the door, she was found sitting with her head down, right in front of the Christmas ornament she grabbed out of storage and destroyed. When a dog looks that pitiful, it truly saves you from having to do any sort of scolding, since all you can do is laugh.

7. Without my dogs, I would not get reminders that life can be fun, even with nothing but a doorstop.

Watch Now: Bailey and the Doorstop (Warning: Extreme Cuteness)

8. I always sleep soundly knowing I have the two best guard dogs.  I know for certain, they would never let an intruder get within fifty feet of my house. And if that intruder isn’t bothered by their incessant barking? They will bark louder, and more ferociously until the squirr…I mean, intruder, leaves the premises.

9. I’m really not sure if there are two better companions I could have along for a car ride. Between their bewildered gazes at the fact there are so many people that exist in this world outside of the car window, or the incredibly serene look on their faces when the windows are cracked and they feel the wind on their face, riding in the car with them is one of the most priceless past-times.

Bailey and Zoey

10. If I have to pick my number one reason for why I love these dogs to pieces, it is because without them, my life would be nowhere near complete. Being a pet-parent is one of the biggest blessings this life could bring. To be responsible for some of the most precious and innocent beings on the planet, brings me a type of happiness so immense that I cannot even put it into words. Pets expect nothing of their owners except to love them, and even then, they don’t really care if you do-you are still going to be their whole world. So on this National Love Your Pet Day, I want to end this tribute with a big “thank you” to the most incredible, silly, loving, snuggly girls on the planet, whom I don’t know what I would do without-Zoey and Bailey.

Now, as for the rest of you, get off of this blog post and go love on your pet!


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