Holiday Uses for Flour Sack Towels

Holiday Uses for Flour Sack Towels

Holiday Flour Sack Towel Uses

‘Tis the season for decking the halls and giving to loved ones and those in need! Even the smallest gift or accessory can end up making the biggest difference. Take a flour sack towel, for example. Did you ever think a square piece of cotton cloth could be utilized in so many ways? Well, it can! From cooking, to cleaning, gift giving and more, flour sack towels could play a role in many of your holiday needs this season!

The first way that flour sack towels can find their way into your holiday agenda, is to use them as a gift for a child to give to a loved one! Flour sack towels can provide a perfect cotton canvas for a little one to create a masterpiece. The simplest way your child can create their own personalized flour sack towel, is by expressing their creativity through permanent markers! Of course, there will be some bleeding of the markers, but the end result will still turn out to be one-of-a-kind! Another idea, would be to stamp your child’s hand or footprint onto the towel using fabric paint, and don’t forget to write the year! Children grow so fast, which makes every little keepsake of this nature absolutely priceless. These projects are quick and easy and can be made for every member of the family in no time! Roll them up and tie them with a bow to create a charming finished look!

Artisan-Bread-VI-700x466Second, one of the more traditional uses for flour sack towels—baking. Oftentimes, many claim that bread isn’t properly baked unless it uses a flour sack towel to help it rise. This year, whether you’re planning to bake biscuits to contribute to a holiday bake sale, a soup kitchen, or even a family gathering, using a flour sack towel could give your bread the perfect fluff and rise it needs. Once you’re done using the towel to bake, keep the bread or biscuits warm by wrapping them up in flour sack towels! Not only will this create a traditional and lovely presentation for them to be served, but it will preserve the warmth and fluffiness you strived for! Your bread will be baked to perfection, and will leave its recipients wondering how you got it to taste so darn good!

Finally, flour sack towels can make the most festive napkins for your guests this holiday season! If you enjoy embroidering or printing your own designs on other products, then you’ll love the results you get from customizing your own flour sack towel! If you’re not a printing or embroidery expert, don’t worry, T&H is here to help!

When you use T&H’s Design Store to design your own flour sack towel, we can help you bring your holiday design to life! Whether you want to print a fun, festive saying, or embroider something as simple as a holiday wreath, we are here to help! Before you know it, you’ll have your flour sack towels at your door and guests will be ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your unique addition to the table setting.

Image source: The Log Home Kitchen


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