Five Ways to Thank Your Dog

Five Ways to Thank Your Dog

Thank Your Dog

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They eat my shoes, they chew the TV remote, they turn walks into sprints, and they think it’s time to play at three in the morning. What are these things, you might be wondering? They would be my dogs, and I could not be more thankful for them.
As frustrating as it is to turn around to find the shoe that I just slipped off my foot being the next tug-of-war object for my dogs, I am thankful that I even have them there to turn around to see at all. Oftentimes, it is easy to forget how much dogs do for a person on a daily basis, and you forget just how thankful you truly are for them. Thanksgiving is the one day of the year, where there are no excuses to not acknowledge all of the reasons you have to be thankful for-to your pets especially. This Thanksgiving, I intend on showing my pets just how thankful I am for them, and want to help you to do the same! Here are five ways to thank your pup this Thanksgiving:

1. Start the day with your own parade
Even though the holiday is generally busy from start to finish, make sure to still make time to walk your pup-and make it a little longer! With all of the hustle and bustle the day will bring, it can be easy to divert the majority of your attention to your two-legged loved ones instead of your pet. Carve out some extra time to bond with your pup to make sure they know you’re thankful for them too! Make the walk extra special, by walking them with their personalized leather dog collar!

2. Bring them with for the celebration
Since Thanksgiving is spent with family, your four-legged friends should be included in that celebration as well! Of course, it is understandable if a family member is allergic, the host dogs don’t play well with others, or if your dog doesn’t do well in strange territory. If that is the case, then this might not be a way to thank your pet this Thanksgiving. However, if you are able to make accommodations to bring your furry friend along, they will be very appreciative of not having to spend the time alone and will feel like a part of the celebration!

3. Make them feel fresh and clean!
It’s not just humans that want to look their best on holidays-dogs should too! Although my dogs consider bath time to be torture time while it’s occurring, afterwards they feel like a million bucks! If you are able to squeeze in some time to pamper your pet with a nice bath and brush, they’ll feel ready to go for the entire day!

4. Give them their own “feast”
Thanksgiving is notorious for many things, including the mass amount of leftovers it brings. While you’re taking home some of the turkey for yourself, grab a couple extra pieces for your pup to enjoy! Putting a couple of slices of turkey in their dinner bowl is a tasty way to thank your pet for being there for you, without causing them any harm! Remember, if you choose to thank your pet in this way, be sure your turkey is free of all skin and bones!

5. End the day together
By the end of the night, you’ll be stuffed to the gills and have no desire to move. Why not hunker down on the couch with your best furry friends? They’ll love the extra attention, and are sure to keep you cozy with their natural cuddling abilities. If they aren’t allowed on the couch, make them comfortable on their own custom pet bed and just enjoy each other’s company! Just being there for your pet will make them realize how thankful you are for them.


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