Five Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Five Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall


As sad as I was to see summer go, I must admit that I love fall even more. Fall to me, means fresh-out-of-the-oven meals instead of barbecue and ballpark hot dogs, sweaters and scarves instead of shorts and tank tops, and bundling up next to a fire, instead of hiding inside from the summer heat. What makes the transition from summer into fall even more real and exciting for me, is having my house exude the new season too. There is only a small slot allowed to celebrate fall before the holiday decorating kicks in, so it’s important to make the most out of the season while it’s here! In case you’re wondering how to make your house give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that fall tends to create, here are five simple suggestions!

1. Fill Your Home With Warm Colors
When I think of fall, I think of browns, reds, and golds. There is just something soothing about being surrounded by these warm colors. Having these colors in your house, could be a perfect way to stay relaxed as the seasons continue to change, along with the weather. One simple idea to add these colors into your home, without performing a full-blown interior makeover, is to swap out your couch’s throw pillows! Depending on the color of your couch, you can decide which “fall color” looks best! I personally like shades of red on my gray couch, but I think it would look awesome to mix and match all fall colors on any couch! The best part of this suggestion? Pillows are an easy DIY project!

2. Light Fall-Scented Candles
Filling your house with “fall smells”, can instantly improve any mood. There’s just something about walking into a house that smells of pumpkin or warm apples that makes my home feel instantly cozy. I so firmly believe in this, that I’m fairly certain I am Yankee Candle’s number one customer from September through November. If you really want to get the most out of a house full of fall candles, you can consider creating your own candles with your own unique fall design!

3. Bring Fall Into the Kitchen
If you don’t want to deck your house head to toe with fake leaves, warm colors, pumpkins and other festive features, you can bring fall into your home in a much more subtle way! For example, you could create custom flour sack towels and print fall designs on them to then hang in your kitchen! Another option, would be to create custom napkins with your favorite fall design to set the table with, for all your dinner guests to see!

4. Have Fall Greet You at the Door
One way to set the “fall mood” before you even step foot inside your home, is to have your front door or patio decorated for the season! There are plenty of cute and simple tutorials to make your own fall wreath to hang on the door. Also, you can do something as simple as decorate a pumpkin to place on the patio and add an instant touch of fall! This does not mean carving a pumpkin, but actually painting it, creating a glitter pumpkin, anything your creative mind can come up with!

5. Make Your Home the Picture Perfect Fall Scene
Finally, you can make your home feel more like fall, by swapping out some of the pictures or portraits you have around the house, and replacing them with fall-themed ones! This could mean that you create your own fall-inspired canvas art, or even just frame some family pictures taken in the fall! Doing this still gives your home your personal touch, while bringing fall more into focus for you.


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