The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

the best decision i've ever made

I’ve made quite a few excellent decisions in my life, up to this point. For example, I decided to forego the bowl cut trend that the majority of my classmates participated in. Then there was the time that I beat the system at Disney World, by wearing Cinderella shoes that gave me enough extra inches to ride the rides. I should also mention the time that I had my heart set on participating in the National Spelling Bee, so I read the dictionary every night. This dream was extremely short-lived, but my vocabulary is still thankful. Out of all of the decisions I have made though, deciding to adopt a dog surpasses them all.

zoeys first dayThis supreme decisions name is Zoey-the adorable pup staring back at you to the left. Zoey and I met in August of 2013, and my life has forever changed since. There were a couple of things that occurred first that had led me to Zoey.

The first thing that happened, was that I volunteered with Trio Animal Foundation during my senior year of college. Trio Animal Foundation provides the funds to give struggling shelter animals the medical attention that they are in dire need of, leading them to save thousands of lives. In sum, Trio Animal Foundation is the miracle of all miracles to happen to the animal rescue world. The more that I learned about Trio Animal Foundation, the more I learned how incredulous the number of pets in need is. It didn’t take long before I realized that it was only a matter of time before I saved an animal myself.

The next thing that happened, which led me to adopting Zoey, was that I graduated college. Graduating college means closing one chapter of your life, and starting another. For me, it initially only meant moving in with two new roommates, AKA mom and dad. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think I have the best parents in the world. Those first couple of months, I loved having home-cooked meals to replace my daily diet of goldfish and cereal, a dryer that didn’t cost me $4.00 to partially dry my clothes, and a bedroom window that wasn’t the target of a beer bottle slinging contest that was being held by the fraternity house next door. But after a couple of months, the excitement of all of this wore off, and the reality set in that this was a serious transition period in my life. It was a transition that left me scared and confused about what the future would now hold, and what path I needed to go down. It was a transition that I really needed a friend-someone to stand by my side throughout this new journey, wherever it might lead. Cue Zoey.

Zoey under bed

I have never been a believer in “love at first sight”, until I saw Zoey. We were brought together thanks to a phenomenal pet rescue, called Fresh Start Animal Rescue . There she was, in a row of crates, wagging her tail so hard that I thought her rear-end was going to fall off. I’m not sure if it was because she was the runt of the litter, or that pink spotted nose that reeled me in. There was just something about this little girl that I instantly connected with and knew that we were meant to be.

Right off the bat, I noticed characteristics of Zoey that were strikingly similar to my own. For starters, we are both extremely energetic, which we both enjoy relieving through running. The only difference is, I prefer the treadmill, Zoey prefers racing around my house as if she’s Usain Bolt. Another example, is that we both love shoes. Except I love wearing them, and Zoey loves chewing them. Finally, we both love people, and would do anything to put a smile on someone’s face. While I don’t share her affinity for chewing perfectly good shoes, or hurdling over couches, we really do seem to be one in the same.

i love zoey

They say that once you adopt a dog, it knows that you’re changing its life. I wonder why no one ever told me, that by adopting a dog, it would be changing mine, too. Zoey has showed me such an unconditional type of love that gives me a whole new meaning to the word. I once heard an excellent saying that said “a dog is the only thing on Earth that is capable of loving you, more than it loves itself,” and Zoey confirms that every single day.

Life is so much better with my furry best friend around, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I can promise you that if you adopt a shelter dog, you will very quickly feel the same.

This will not be the last that you hear of Zoey, because she has too incredible of a spirit not to share. If sharing Zoey with all of you can bring you even an ounce of the joy and smiles that she brings to my life, then I will consider that a mission accomplished.

If you would like to donate to or learn more about Trio Animal Foundation or Fresh Start Animal Rescue, please visit their websites at:


Remember, adopt don’t shop!


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