Featured Designer: Counter Couture

Featured Designer: Counter Couture

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Counter Couture is a business derived upon a lifestyle concept that so many dream to live-it’s sweet and simple, with a little creative spice mixed in to keep things fun. Creators of Counter Couture, are lovebirds Kaelin Tillery and Richard Duggan. If it’s not their love story that will get you hooked, their products surely will! Take a peek into how their admirable outlook on life resulted in such a lively business!


1.     Can you give a brief description of what your business is all about, in general?  

At Counter Couture we sew, we silkscreen, we assemble, we produce. We craft fab fashion for your home and body.  Every item in our range of clothing, accessories and home goods reflects our nerdy need to be sustainable — in products as well as packaging — and cool in that “where’d you get that?” kinda way.


2.       What is the history behind your business? 

The “we” of Counter Couture is Kaelin (me) and my husband, Richard. We built Counter Couture out of a very basic desire to live a simple, fulfilling and creative life with a little bit of wonky thrown in for fun. The universe tried to throw us together a number of times in a number of cities through a number of different people. Eventually we realized that resistance was futile, and we agreed to meet over a cliché cup of coffee. (Feel free to insert your own sappy music and soft-focus camera angle right here.) Not only was a friendship forged, but so was a marriage, a house, some random animals and this little venture called Counter Couture.


3.       Where does your inspiration come from for your work? 

All of the crafty elves at Counter Couture take our inspiration from the simple things in life, mix it up with a strong dose of creativity, and then go a wee bit nuts fabricating in our Denver studio.


1455012_548358395247184_631565197_n4.       What is your favorite part about your business? 

It’s so cliche to say working for yourself, but it truly is the best! We get to design and create from anything that strikes our fancy and see it become a reality. When customers react with the same enthusiasm we had when making the item it is such a rush.


5.       What is your favorite craft that you make for your business? 

Whatever is the newest idea is my favorite.


6.       Do you have any future plans for your business?  10509648_662349567181399_3008800892961875359_n

We are currently busy expanding our home goods section with coasters, glassware and napkins.


7.      What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to get into the craft business? 

It’s more work than you can ever anticipate so make sure you truly love what you do. And always have a plan B.


Want to see more of Counter Couture? Don’t worry-there are plenty of ways to connect with them! Check out all of their sites here:

Facebook: Counter Couture

Twitter: @counter_couture


Instagram: @countercouture

Etsy: countercouturedesign

Website: www.countercouturedesign.com


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