Ten Pictures of Baby-Pet Combos Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Ten Pictures of Baby-Pet Combos Guaranteed to Make You Smile

baby pet pictures to make you smile

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a little thing that my friends and I like to call “puppy and baby fever”. I already have a puppy, and I don’t have plans for a baby any time soon, but I have found myself turning to pictures of these precious little ones to put a smile on my face in my free time. I blame this on working for a company that revolves around custom pet and baby products. Anyways, enough about me and my recent obsession, enjoy ten of my favorite pictures filled with so much cuteness, that I guarantee you won’t be able to make it through them all without cracking a smile. If you aren’t interested in the pictures, the very least you can do is help me out with suggestions of a new hobby-my boyfriend would appreciate it. Enjoy!


1. I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that pets make the BEST pillows.

Pet and Baby 2












2. Apparently dogs feel the same way about babies…

Pet and Baby 3












3. If you can’t use a dog for a pillow, at least give your baby a cat for a blanket! Or create a personalized one at T&H (Shameless plug).

Pet and Baby 10












4. “You are a VERY strange looking puppy.”

Pet and Baby 7












5. If this doesn’t melt your heart, and call for an out loud “awwww”, then I don’t know if we can be friends.

Pet and Baby 8















6. “Wait, come back! We’re not done playing yet!”

Pet and Baby 9













7. Dress-up isn’t just meant to be played with older sisters!

Pet and Baby 6












8. Dog-“A little help here, please?”

Pet and Baby 4












9. Babies make excellent guards for the guard dogs!

Pet and Baby 5












10. And finally, proof that the love you get from a pet, is an unconditional kind of love.

Pet and Baby 1















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