DIY First Aid Kit for Kids

DIY First Aid Kit for Kids

DIY First Aid Kit
If your kids are anything like I was when I was growing up, then they are a walking disaster and a poster-child for Band-aid. Summer to me meant more than not having homework for three months. Summer meant climbing all of the trees that mom told me not to, practicing gymnastics barefoot in the backyard, and jumping in and out of window wells to catch the toads. As you can tell, I was an extremely dainty little thing. Or at least I thought so. My mom, on the other hand, saw these past-times of mine as a sure way to age her ten years, since I was constantly running to her with a new collection of scrapes and bruises. So, as I am sitting here reminiscing on my summer adventures, and the heart palpitations that I gave my mom, I figured it’s a great time to share a concept that could help any parents of mini-Kristen’s get by a little easier this summer. Introducing…The Boo-Boo Kit.
The Boo-Boo Kit will be your new go-to for all of your child’s minor mishaps. What does this kit include? Well, that’s ultimately up to you, but here are some suggestions from a former wild child herself that would have done the trick for me!
1)  A sweet treatlollipops
There is a reason that doctors’ offices are stocked with lollipops. No matter how angry I was with my doctor after giving me that dreadful shot, I was able to find it in my heart to forgive him once he handed me that sugar-high on a stick on my way out. Especially in situations where your child is a little more than rattled by their newest ouchie, help take their mind off of it with a sweet treat of your choice stored in your Boo-Boo Kit!
2) A homemade heating pad
If I was sore from a long day of running around, this heating bag or Boo Boo bag, as Kerri King from the blog “How Does She?” calls it, would be the perfect solution! In Kerri’s tutorial, she explains how to create these adorable rice-filled bags that are so cute, any kid will instantly be more intrigued by their choice of Boo Boo bag, than the soreness! Check out her full tutorial to learn how to make your Boo-Boo bag!

Sick teddy3) Make them the doctor

What kid doesn’t like bringing their dolls or stuffed animals to life? I know that I sure did! Keep a stuffed animal in your Boo Boo Kit for your child to play doctor with. While you’re making your child feel better, they will be making their squishy friend feel better! Chances are, your little one will be more concerned with helping Mr. Bear to make a full recovery than their own pain.


4) Use “fun” Band-aids

There’s something about Band-aids that kids just seem to love, especially if they are made up of their favorite colors and characters. Whether they have a real scrape or not, they need a Band-aid on a regular basis. This is true now, and it was when I was a little girl, too. Band-aids were as much of an essential accessory as a necklace was. If I had a Strawberry Shortcake Band-aid on my knee, you can bet I was wearing a dress so that I could show it off everywhere I went. Once my super, cool Band-aid covered my wound, it seemed I was  more infatuated with my new accessory than the scrape or “scrape” it was covering.

You can even take “fun bandaids” to the next level by using “Band-aid Magic Vision”. Band-aid has created an innovative app that displays your child’s favorite Muppet’s characters over their band-aid when they are looking through the app! With entertainment like this, it would be hard to have your child still focused on their battle scar.

5)  Get them laughingmother and daughter

What better way to stop the tears than to make your kiddo smile? Keep a joke book in your kit to get the laughing going! By cracking some jokes while you’re cleaning out a scrape, your kid will at least be slightly distracted from the pain. Whenever I was upset as a little girl, even the cheesiest joke attempt made by mom or dad guaranteed a smile. Even when I was trying my hardest not to grin, their jokes would calm me down and lighten the mood almost instantly.


These are just a few suggestions to put in your DIY First Aid Kit for Kids, based on what I know would have worked for me. You know your child better than anyone, so get creative and put what you believe would help take the pain away from your little boy or girl! Next time your child comes to you with their newest bump or scrape, you can breathe a little easier by knowing you have your Boo-Boo Kit ready for action!


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Mother and Daughter Image: Granby House Dental


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