Now Presenting…Custom Baby Products!

Now Presenting…Custom Baby Products!

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In one of my very first posts, I mentioned how great it is to work at T&H. One of the many reasons that I especially love being a part of this team, is because everyone has an immeasurable amount of passion for what they do. It is because of these extreme levels of passion for various subjects, that we offer many of the products that we do. That being said, T&H is proud to present our line of custom baby products!

Part of why T&H sets itself apart from many other businesses, is because every product we offer, has a significant amount of thought put behind it by someone on the T&H team. This entire line of baby products, was the brains of proud parents who wanted to offer items that they had often searched for themselves, but to no avail. It wasn’t just your traditional bib, or rhinestone shirt that the T&H parents sought out, but baby products that were uniquely for their pride and joy, leading them to the idea of custom baby products.

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When it came to deciding what products we should offer, it was concluded that the sky is the limit. Every child is vastly different from the next, which is why we wanted to offer a wide array of baby items to allow a creation that will do every personality justice! From custom baby blankets, to personalized baby onesies, we made sure there is something for every baby in our store! Our team of T&H parents did not just want to limit your experience to your baby, they saw it as a complete necessity to include options to create custom toddler clothing, too! Although, it isn’t just ordering the products that will allow your baby’s personality to shine, but the entire customization experience.

Our Design Store is tailored to be a simple and enjoyable experience for not just you, but for your little one as well! Instead of just designing a product for your baby, design a product with your baby! Not only will this activity get your child’s creative juices flowing, but it will result in a product and a memory that will be cherished forever.

When your little one grows up to be a bigger one, it won’t be the generic blue t-shirt with the dinosaur on it that you keep to look back on. It will be the personalized t-shirt that you and your baby created; a shirt that is one of a kind, just like your child. T&H is more than empathetic to this desire many people have to hold onto such keepsakes, which is why we want to be the one to give it to you! From the bibs, to the blankets, to the hooded sweatshirts and more, there is a keepsake and a memory, waiting to be made for your child. At T&H, anything that is special to you, is special to us.

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