T&H Presents…Custom Pet Products!

T&H Presents…Custom Pet Products!


Ever since the day I was born, there has been a dog at the door, waiting to eagerly welcome me home. While that has remained consistent, the personalities of all of these furry family members over the years, have been drastically different. Just like many parents want with their children, I have always tried to show off my pups’ unique personalities, but never really had a way to do so. It is because of this dilemma, which so many pet lovers face, that T&H has created an entire pet line of custom pet products dedicated to our four-legged friends!

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Naturally, the first addition to our pet product line, is a collection of customizable pet towels! Although my dogs think that giving them a bath is the equivalent to sending them to Death Row, giving them a fresh, personalized towel to jump into afterwards can make up for it! Maybe. Either way, knowing which towel is for my dogs, versus which one is for myself, is one less thing to have to worry about at bath time. While we’re kicking off this pet line with towels, the possibilities are just beginning! T&H is also offering personalized pet blankets, for your favorite snuggler to snuggle up in!

Giving a dog in my household their own custom pet blanket, really is a dream come true. Over the years, I have lost a number of blankets to the dogs, as they have claimed them for car rides, their kennel, their dog bed, my bed, and the list goes on and on. Now, I can give my dogs their own blankets to enjoy, without having my personal collection dwindle.  An abundance of other items are coming soon that you MUST keep an eye out for! Ultimately, this pet line will lead to custom pet products to meet any of your precious pets’ needs. Whether it’s a towel, a custom dog collar, or a trendy personalized pet bandana, customizing any product can be done in a way that clearly represents your one-of-a-kind pet. All parents, both of human and furry babies, want keepsakes to look back on, and customizing T&H’s pet products are the perfect solution.

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To some, it might seem unnecessary to provide your pet with a wide variety of  products, when your pet would be satisfied with simply an extra table scrap. But your pet is someone who sees you as their entire world, even though they are only one part of yours. For that reason alone, it seems completely necessary to go above and beyond to give your most faithful friend more than they could ever want and need.

To start customizing your pet’s products, and to see the variety of products that we have to offer, visit the pet product page at:   https://www.towelsandhome.com/apparel/pet.html



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