Featured Designer: Note•ify

Featured Designer: Note•ify

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Presenting our next fabulous Featured Designer…Note•ify! Note•ify was founded by Samantha Barsky- a very talented, former art director, who wanted to take her eye for art to the next level! All it takes is one look at Samantha’s work to know there is a passionate professional behind it. Learn more about the experienced talent that makes up Note•ify here:

1. Can you give a brief description of what your business is all about, in general?

 note•ify is a city-inspired, eco-friendly paper products and soft goods company based in the San Francisco Bay Area.



2. What is the history behind your business?

I started it in 2009 after working for about 10 years in the advertising field as an art director. I have always crafted and created cards, and with my love of photography (which was my undergraduate degree), I turned  my degree into a product-based business.



3. Where does your inspiration come from for your work? 

I take photographs of the world around me – landmarks, cows, my dog!


4. What is your favorite part about your business?                                      

I love that everyday brings a new challenge, opportunity or new idea.


5. What is your favorite craft that you make for your business?

I have created a niche of cities in my product lineup – it just happened naturally. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I took some photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge, they were highly popular, so I did other landmarks around the city, and a ne collection was born. I had many requests for New York City, so I took a trip and took more photographs – the possibilities are endless!


6. Do you have any future plans for your business? 

Chicago, Paris, London, where else should I go?


 7. What advice would you give to someone who is aspiring to get into the craft business?

Do it. Create a product, find a niche, price it well and get out there selling it. Don’t try to make it perfect, you can tweak as you go. Learn from your mistakes, and make it better. Don’t play the game of, “What if it doesn’t work?” Ask yourself, “What if it all goes right?”


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