Five Crafts to Welcome Spring

Five Crafts to Welcome Spring

Spring again


Despite the fact that Mother Nature keeps playing tricks on many parts of the country, leading us to believe that time has stopped in January, I am moving on from winter! I can finally see small patches of grass in my yard, which is as good of an indication as any for us Midwesterners, that spring is here! In order to give spring the little kick in the rear it needs to start acting like the season we know and love, I am presenting five fun projects to show spring that we’re not waiting around! Whether you live in a place where it feels like spring all year, or are rolling your windows down when temperatures rise to a toasty 48 degrees like me, these crafts are sure to put you in full-swing spring mode!

1.       Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

Mason Jar Flower Vase

This craft has “Kristen” written all over it! Not only does it involve pictures, but flowers too! Any craft that encompasses two of my favorite things is a winner in my book! All you need is a mason jar, flowers (real or fake, your choice) and a small picture! Simply tape a square over the place you would like your picture to be seen, paint the jar, tape your picture into the inside of the jar to show through the unpainted square, throw in your flowers, and you are now looking at a beautiful combo of a picture frame and a vase full of flowers!

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2.       Flower Chandelier

A flower chandelier is a super neat way to show you’re ready for spring! All it takes is a needle and thread, fake or real flowers, and an embroidery hoop! String the end of the stems of the flowers to the embroidery hoop until you’ve done so all the way around, and that’s it! Being such a unique way to display flowers, this flower chandelier can look stunning anywhere from a wedding to your own backyard!

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3.       DIY Bird Bath

DIY bird bath

Another sign of spring where I come from, is waking up to the sweet sound of birds chirping. Welcoming back spring, means welcoming back the birds. Give the birds a proper homecoming by creating for them a fresh, funky bird bath! This craft requires stacking and attaching three clay pots, each one slightly larger than the other, and a saucer for the top for the birds to splash in. Decorating this bird bath is all up to you and your imagination! You can find complete instructions for the craft at the link below!

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4.       Spring Wreath

The holidays aren’t the only time of the year that a wreath can be a symbol of celebrating a season. Take a plain wooden wreath and turn it into your own springtime display. One of my favorite things about this craft, is you can really do whatever you want with it! Either add a few fake flowers to one side, and your initials to the other, or add flowers and jewels to the entire thing! There is no right or wrong way to do this project. Your wreath will be the talk of the town as neighbors will envy the creativity that’s glowing from your front door!

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5.       Chalkboard Flower Pot

Chalk flower pot

As soon as the weather allows, I can always count on my mom to not waste any time to get her flowers planted! Seeing your yard come to life in the spring, is such a thrilling sight. One way to make your yard look a little extra special this spring, is to consider adding some chalkboard flower pots to plant your flowers in! This project is quick and painless, as it all it requires is chalkboard paint to paint over a plain clay pot, and some chalk! Once the chalkboard paint has dried, you are able to give each pot its own chalk masterpiece!

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