Five Ways to Get Inspired

Five Ways to Get Inspired

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Even the world’s most creative minds, don’t have their creative juices flowing 100% of the time. Every now and then, everyone experiences a little artistic slump, whether they like it or not. Not being able to have your mind work instantly the way you want it to can be extremely frustrating. But sometimes we need to take a step back and remind ourselves that our creativity machine (our mind) gets a little tired! Sometimes, we just need a little something outside of the ordinary routine to rejuvenate ourselves to find the inspiration we’re seeking. Instead of trying to force your beautiful mind through these slumps, try taking one of these ways to get inspired for a spin:

1. Describe everything you love
I mean it, everything. Don’t even think about it, just write it down! By writing down every single thing that you love in this world, about yourself, about your family, etc., you are subconsciously filling your mind with all of the happiness you find in this world. Before you know it, you can have ten things on this list that will serve as the foundation for your next masterpiece that you might have never even thought of before!

2. Spend time with children
Whether it’s your own children, grandchildren, your best friend’s children, just go and spend a few minutes with them. Even in a matter of minutes, you will be reminded of how imaginative a young mind can be. You were once able to turn a park bench into an airplane at one point, too! That imagination is still in there somewhere, you just need to dust it off. Looking at the world through a child’s eyes can help bring your childhood imagination back to life.

3. Photograph everything beautiful

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This doesn’t mean you need to go out and spend your life savings on a state-of-the-art camera to do this; you can use your phone, or even an old Polaroid for that matter! Anything that you can find even the slightest beauty in, take a picture. From a bug outside, to a handle of a doorknob in your house, take a picture. In the end, lay out all of your pictures and take some time to admire the beauty in each. By realizing your mind can find beauty in even the simplest of things, it can drastically improve your level of inspiration to think of something beautiful for your next project!

4. Think Outside of the Box
When I say, “think outside of the box”, I mean think WAY outside of the box. Thoughtlessly brainstorm every single thing that you could do with either traditional crafts you have created, or future ones. Even if you think it’s impossible, maybe even a little silly, this is not the time to analyze, it’s the time to set your creative juices back in motion! After you have spent a good amount of time brainstorming everything that comes to mind, then you can decide where you can go from there! You’ll be surprised how easily your mind can wander into an idea!

5. Research the History Behind Your Craft
Every craft had to start somewhere, but do we really know when? Or how? Or why? While these questions may seem irrelevant, it could be tremendous for finding inspiration to see how your craft has evolved. After learning how far your craft has come, it could inspire you to think of where your craft will go, and all because you are going to take it there.


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