Five Decorating Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Five Decorating Tips to Beat the Winter Blues

Oftentimes, it is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season so much, that you don’t pay attention to what Mother Nature is up to. Once the holidays pass and the decorations are all put back into storage, it seems that all of a sudden winter is in full swing, and so are the winter blues. Just because summer isn’t happening outside, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen inside! Instead of letting winter get you down this year, try these tips to beat those blues!

Add some colorful decorations to your home
Instead of feeling like all of the holiday cheer is put away with the decorations, swap them out for some color and keep the cheer all year around! Many psychologists have found that lighter colors create a more positive mood than darker ones do. This doesn’t mean that you need to make your house look like you’re walking into a crayon box, because that can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed. Simply add small touches here and there that just provide a little contrast and some happy thoughts!

Rearrange your furniture
FurnitureLong ago, the Chinese developed a concept called Feng Shui, which was developed in order to create a proper flow of energy and bring good fortune to a room. There are many informational articles and tutorials available online to explain how to specifically arrange furniture to bring various good fortune. Whether you believe in the spiritual element of Feng Shui or not, re-arranging a room that you are commonly in, can make it feel like a whole new room. New years are all about creating fresh starts, and by rearranging your furniture your house can get a fresh start too!

Show off what makes you happy
For me personally, I can count on a picture to brighten any given day. In nearly every room of my house, you can find a picture that is capable of stopping me in my tracks to bring me back to that time and place. Having simple reminders all around my house of my favorite memories, are guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and make me forget about my winter blues. For some, pictures might not be the solution to fixing a bad mood. If you are one of these people, try putting a favorite quote or song lyric on display that has proven to make you smile!

Add incense or candles to a room
Shaking that winter chill that always seems to follow me inside, is usually a challenge. In recent years, I’ve learned to battle back against the cold by lighting a couple of candles throughout my home. Just by looking at a lit candle can provide me with a sense of warmth and peace. To even further battle the brutal winter cold, try lighting incense to calm you down and relieve you of the winter blues.

Use sheer shades or tie back curtains
sheer curtainsOne of the biggest reasons for the winter blues, according to psychologists, is lack of sunlight. Since it is cold outside, many people try to avoid the outdoors, which also means avoiding a lot of sunlight. To bring the sunlight to you without facing the cold, use a different type of curtain shade! Instead of using a thick, dark color, consider investing in a sheer, lighter color that allows both privacy and sunlight. If purchasing new curtains is out of the question, then use a bow or a ribbon to decoratively tie your curtains to the side to allow that sunshine in!

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