Five Craft Skills Worth Learning in 2014

Five Craft Skills Worth Learning in 2014

Over the past few years, Do It Yourself (DIY) crafts have created a cyber explosion. There is not a day that goes by that I do not see some element of the DIY world on social media. Nothing is worse than the moment after the “oohing and ahhing” ends, and the sense of disappointment begins, because I realize I do not possess the skill required to make said craft. In order to eliminate this occasional self-pity and become the ultimate craft master, I have compiled a list of five craft skills worth learning in 2014!

Canvas Art
Whether it’s to decorate a dorm room or a living room, knowing how to create a work of canvas art could be that finishing touch to a room that you’ve been yearning for. Canvas art has become quite the sensation in the craft world, and for good reason! Not only does canvas art look awesome, but it’s super easy to do! While some canvas artwork can prove to be more difficult than others, even the simplest designs are beautiful! All it takes, is a canvas board (I usually buy them from Michael’s), some paint and stickers. Simply stick the stickers, of whatever design you choose, onto the canvas as you desire. Next, paint over the entire canvas with the paint colors of your choice. Finally, remove the stickers once the paint is dry and voila! By the end of this craft, you will have a perfect gift or home addition ready for display.

Baby with Crochet HatThat’s right, I said crochet. This is a timeless craft skill that seems to get more and more popular with age. I can distinctly remember my grandma teaching me this skill and boy, am I glad that she did! While I can definitely use a refresher, along with some tips to improve, starting with even the most basic crochet patterns can lead to an incredible result. I would personally recommend starting out by mastering a scarf or a blanket. Once you feel confident with these patterns, the world is your oyster! From fashionable belts and hair bands, to hats and sweaters, crocheting will be your new best friend.

DIY Cards and Stationary
Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge sucker for thoughtful notes and handmade gifts. That being said, I truly believe a handmade card or letter will show your loved ones just how much they mean to you (and how crafty you are)! There are thousands of templates available to pick and choose ideas from in order to create your ideal card. After learning this craft, you won’t ever have to worry about spending an hour in the card isle, in hopes of finding the perfect words for that special occasion. Instead, you’ll create it!

Just like crocheting, sewing is another craft skill that will always have a special place in the craft world. Growing up, I always saw sewing as simply a skill my mom needed in order to sew my buttons back onto my shirt. Now that I am older and have developed an addiction to Pinterest, I have a whole new appreciation for sewing. Being the fashion aficionado that I am, I would love nothing more than to learn how to sew in order to create all of the fashion finds people share on the Internet. Sewing is great for tons of household items outside of the clothing world, too! It’s safe to say, that learning to sew would be the “jack of all trades” for the craft world.

CookiesAlthough some people might not think of baking as a craft, it absolutely is! Now, I’m not talking about the pull-apart cookies, or box brownies (although those are still yummy), I’m talking about baking from scratch. Baking is a craft I have only recently picked up, so I still have a ways to go before I become the next Martha Stewart. However, I will be well on my way with some more practice, and so will you! Baking will come in handy more often than you think, as it can create a perfect party favor or even provide a special treat for the kids! The better you get, the more confident you will feel venturing into more decorative and fancy treats! Once you learn this craft, you will never bake out of a box again.


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